Master Loss Checklist

Many professionals and experts in mental health agree that unresolved loss and grief create the biggest barriers to experiencing joy and peace in our lives now. After studying the subject of codependency for over 30 years, I’ve concluded grief comprises and contributes many dysfunctional behaviors we attribute to codependency. While this list is long, it can trigger awareness of all…

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Important Holiday Notice

Holidays can be dicey for people going through grief. While everyone else is eating, moaning, grumbling about required family appearances, or watching football, some people are in their own world — remembering when someone they love was there — skin on, for everyone to see and hear. But this year, the person’s absence is profoundly noticeable. Other holidays go better….

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book-coverAbout the club

In this Grief Club Forum, ask questions, make comments, take part in conversations, tell your story (over and over if you need to – obsession is a necessary stage of grief and is allowed here). We invite friends of people in grief to take part in everything we offer.

Read the articles for grieving people and articles with information that specifically applies to you, such as what not to say and how to be a supportive friend.

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From Melody's Official Site:

Enjoy your successes

Eventually, if you put enough effort into something, it gets finished. The house is built, the picture is painted, the report is completed. Let yourself rest and relax in those moments. Take a moment to enjoy the feeling of completeness. That moment will be a fleeting one. There are many more ideas and tasks waiting around the bend. Gaining…

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Solve the Word Search Puzzles by finding and circling all words on the list. The leftover letters in the puzzle form a Mystery Sentence — a message from a Melody Beattie book.

Enjoy — whether you play for fun or a distraction.

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Days before, there had been a tremendous storm out in the Pacific Ocean. Now the swells from the storm were smashing against the shore in California. The tide rose and rose. The house shook with each wave as the breaking water slammed into the pilings under the house. I went to bed but couldn’t sleep. I got up and…

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