Monthly Archives: December 2016


December 31, 2016
Daily Meditations

You can think. You can feel. You can solve your problems. You can take care of yourself. Those words have often benefited me more than the most profound and elaborate…

Positive Energy

December 29, 2016
Daily Meditations

It’s so easy to look around and notice what’s wrong. It takes practice to see what’s right. Many of us have lived around negativity for years. We’ve become skilled at…

Let go of the controls

December 28, 2016
Daily Meditations

“You have the controls,” my flight instructor says. “No, you have the controls,” I say back. “No I don’t,” he says. “You do.” My banter with my flight instructor can…

Removing the Victim

December 27, 2016
Daily Meditations

“Don’t others see how much I’m hurting?” ”Can’t they see I need help?” “Don’t they care?” The issue is not whether others see or care. The issue is whether we…

Trusting Ourselves

December 25, 2016
Daily Meditations

Trust can be one of the most confusing concepts in recovery. Who do we trust? For what? The most important trust issue we face is learning to trust ourselves. The…

Clarity and Direction

December 23, 2016
Daily Meditations

In spite of our best efforts to work our programs and lean on God’s guidance, we sometimes don’t understand what’s going on in our life. We trust, wait, pray, listen…