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You Decide

January 31, 2017

This is an old lesson, but it bears repeating and remembering. We don’t have to let anyone control our lives, our choices, our joy. No matter how well we…

The Basics – Day 2

January 31, 2017
Daily Meditations

“I came from a crazy, neglectful family,” a woman said. “I was fifty-two years old and I didn’t know what it meant to take care of myself.” Application: The…

Losing a Child

January 31, 2017

Introduction by Melody Beattie I’ve known Corinne Edwards for many years from my work as a writer and her work as a television host, a writer, and now a coach…

The Basics – Day 1

January 30, 2017

“Isn’t everyone codependent?” a woman asked me. “Maybe,” I said. It is easy to get embroiled in other people’s dramas. Isn’t it even easier to see what other people…


January 29, 2017
Daily Meditations

Seek balance. Balance emotions with reason. Combine detachment with doing our part. Balance giving with receiving. Alternate work with play, business with personal activities. Balance tending to our spiritual…

Set yourself free

January 28, 2017
Daily Meditations

I’ll let go tomorrow; I’m having too much fun torturing myself today. No, that’s not really it. I’ll let go tomorrow; the things I’m holding on to need me…


January 27, 2017
Daily Meditations

“How could I do it? How could I say it? Even though I meant it, I still feel ashamed, guilty, and afraid.” This is a common reaction to new,…

Gifts, Not Burdens

January 25, 2017

Children are gifts, if we accept them.— KATHLEEN TURNER CRILLY Children are gifts. Our children, if we have children, are a gift to us. We, as children, were gifts…

Let go of resentments

January 24, 2017

Resentments are sneaky, tricky little things. They can convince us they’re justified. They can dry up our hearts. They can sabotage our happiness. They can sabotage love. Most of…