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June 26, 2017
Daily Meditations

Ultimately, to grieve our losses means to surrender to our feelings. So many of us have lost so much, have said so many goodbyes, have been through so many…

Laughter – Day 7

June 25, 2017
Daily Meditations

Sometimes people don’t get our one-liners. Sometimes they do and just frown with a disapproving look that makes us cringe. Sometimes we laugh at the wrong time or wrong…

Laughter – Day 5

June 23, 2017
Daily Meditations

What makes you laugh? I love slapstick humor and really dumb stuff, like the Ernest movies, when he kept getting marker all over his face while on jury duty.…

Laughter – Day 4

June 22, 2017
Daily Meditations

Is laughter a regular part of your emotional diet? Inventory Focus: Are you going through such a tough, intense, or challenging situation right now that you’re forgetting to laugh?…

Laughter – Day 3

June 21, 2017

Go ahead. Have a good laugh. Challenge: See? Nothing about laughing is hard. From the book: 52 Weeks of Conscious Contact The post Laughter – Day 3 appeared first…

Laughter – Day 2

June 20, 2017
Daily Meditations

I went to see a therapist a few months after my son’s death. He listened to my story and carefully explained how the grieving process would take time, and…