Monthly Archives: October 2017

Dump it

October 31, 2017
Daily Meditations

Sometimes, we don’t have one clear feeling to express. We have a bunch of garbage we’ve collected, and we just need to dump. We may be frustrated, angry, afraid,…

It will get better

October 29, 2017
Daily Meditations

Sometimes things need to feel worse before they get better. Feelings are one of those things. When a feeling comes to the surface, it presents itself boldly. Usually the…

Getting It All Out

October 28, 2017
Daily Meditations

Let yourself have a good gripe session.—WOMEN, SEX, AND ADDICTIONBY CHARLOTTE DAVIS KASL, PH.D. Get it out. Go ahead. Get it all out. Once we begin recovery, we may…

Step Seven

October 26, 2017
Daily Meditations

Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.— STEP SEVEN OF AL-ANON In the Sixth and Seventh Steps of the program, we become willing to let go of our defects…

Losing a Child

October 24, 2017

Introduction by Melody Beattie I’ve known Corinne Edwards for many years from my work as a writer and her work as a television host, a writer, and now a…

Survivor Guilt

October 24, 2017
Daily Meditations

We begin recovering. We begin taking care of ourselves. Our recovery program starts to work in our life, and we begin to feel good about ourselves. Then it hits.…

Celebrate your freedom

October 23, 2017
Daily Meditations

Today in the United States, we celebrate our nation’s independence. Why not take a moment to celebrate your independence as well? Whether you’ve found freedom from an addiction or…


October 22, 2017
Daily Meditations

Take time to celebrate. Celebrate your successes, your growth, your accomplishments. Celebrate you and who you are. For too long you have been too hard on yourself. Others have…