Monthly Archives: October 2018

Practice the basics

October 31, 2018
Daily Meditations

Not being codependent? That’s a decision I need to make each day.— Anonymous Remember to practice the basics. There’s a saying floating around that people talk about a lot:…

Financial Fears

October 28, 2018
Daily Meditations

I sat in the car, looking at the sign on the door of the food shelf office: “Closed until Friday.” It was Wednesday. I had two hungry children and…

Be prepared

October 27, 2018
Daily Meditations

Did you ever have a teacher in school who warned you at the beginning of the year that he would give tests without previous notice, so be prepared? We…


October 23, 2018
Daily Meditations

Do not fear mistakes; there are none.— Miles Davis  Life is a jazz tune. Sometimes it’s raucous, sometimes blue, but always full of unexpected twists and turns, and here…