Monthly Archives: December 2018

Colors – Day 1

December 31, 2018
Daily Meditations

Imagine a world in black and white, maybe gray. Boring, isn’t it? But some of us want our emotional lives to be like that. A friend told me about…

Clear Thinking

December 30, 2018
Daily Meditations

Strive for clear thinking. Many of us have had our thinking clouded by denial. Some of us have even lost faith in ourselves because we’ve spent a degree of…

The Holidays

December 25, 2018
Daily Meditations

Sometimes, the holidays are filled with the joy we associate with that time of year. The season flows. Magic is in the air. Sometimes, the holidays can be difficult…


December 21, 2018
Daily Meditations

One of our choices in recovery is choosing what we want to think—using our mental energy positively. Positive mental energy, positive thinking, does not mean we think unrealistically or…


December 19, 2018
Daily Meditations

You can think. You can make good decisions. You can make choices that are right for you. Yes, we all make mistakes from time to time. But we are…