Monthly Archives: February 2019

Goodwill – Day 1

February 18, 2019
Daily Meditations

Have you ever envied someone else’s good fortune? Consider the friend who calls with a different ring to her voice. Instead of sharing her troubles and woes, she proceeds…

Nurturing Self-Care

February 15, 2019
Daily Meditations

There isn’t a guidebook for setting boundaries. Each of us has our own guide inside ourselves. If we continue to work at recovery, our boundaries will develop. They will…

Doing my part

February 14, 2019
Daily Meditations

The surest way to become Tense, Awkward, and Confused is to develop a mind that tries too hard—one that thinks too much.— Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh The…

Healthy Limits

February 13, 2019
Daily Meditations

Boundaries are vital to recovery. Having and setting healthy limits is connected to all phases of recovery: growing in self-esteem, dealing with feelings, and learning to really love and…

Moving On

February 09, 2019
Daily Meditations

Learn the art of acceptance. It’s a lot of grief.— CODEPENDENT NO MORE Sometimes, as part of taking care of ourselves, it becomes time to end certain relationships. Sometimes,…

Risk being alive

February 08, 2019
Daily Meditations

“I know nothing is going to last forever,” Charlie said. “But the key to life and being happy is acting as though it is.” Many of us have had…