Be present now

August 05, 2018

Take time, but not too much, to see where you want to go. Learn the lessons from your past. Then let go of yesterday. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Even our best prediction about what may come in the future is only an educated guess, no matter how diligently we try to see ahead. If all you look at is where you’re going, you’ll miss all the wonder and beauty along the way. And once you get there—your future—you may not even remember where you’ve been. Rushing may be such a habit that you won’t enjoy your future once it arrives.

Be where you are right now. See what’s in front of you, not what you wish were there. Take time to see, enjoy, and appreciate what’s present. Take action if you need to. Or just enjoy the view. You’ve worked hard to get here. Enjoy it.

The past is important. It’s where we’ve been. The future is important, too. But there’s no time—and no time as real—as the present.

Learn to be here, now.

God, heighten my awareness and appreciation of each moment in my life.

From the book: More Language of Letting Go

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