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Nurturing – Day 3

March 01, 2017
Daily Meditations

Being nurturing doesn’t mean we need to be gushy, oversentimental, overprotective, smothering, obnoxious, insincere, or codependent. For a long time, that’s what I thought it meant. It is possible…

The Lesson is Joy

February 28, 2017

I was visiting a counselor in Minnesota one cold January day in 1991. We were talking about the present and speculating about the lessons to come. She grabbed my…

The Power of Empathy

February 28, 2017

By Sage Knight I got up this morning as usual, helped my son get ready for school, drove the carpool, and then lingered for the dedication of Topanga Elementary School’s…

Nurturing – Day 2

February 28, 2017
Daily Meditations

Some people tend to kick others when they’re down. Sometimes that’s how we treat ourselves. Confrontation, honesty, even tough love, can go a long way in cementing solid relationships.…

The power of thoughts

February 24, 2017
Daily Meditations

In 1922, Egypt hailed the discovery of King Tut’s tomb by archaeologist Harold Carter. On the walls of the tomb, the magicians in the king’s court had scrawled that…


February 23, 2017
Daily Meditations

How sick and tired we may become of people telling us to be patient or to learn patience. How frustrating it can be to want to finally have something,…