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Patience – Day 7

November 12, 2017
Daily Meditations

I broke my finger in a sporting accident, drove to the emergency room, then left impatiently after waiting three hours and getting no medical attention. Two years later, I…

Patience – Day 6

November 11, 2017
Daily Meditations

It’s hard to wait. It’s especially hard to wait when we’re not sure we’re going to get what we want. Sometimes we need to stop waiting and do something…

Patience – Day 5

November 10, 2017
Daily Meditations

“Can you be patient?” a mother asked her two-year-old, as he demanded ice cream. “Be patient,” he said. Then he innocently turned his attention to something else. Action: Can…

Patience – Day 4

November 09, 2017
Daily Meditations

There is a principle of divine timing in the universe. That timing isn’t always ours. Inventory Focus: Are you open to considering the idea that the rest of the…

Patience – Day 3

November 08, 2017
Daily Meditations

We may wait and wait for life to get better, but in that instance, patience isn’t the problem. Doing something differently—making changes in ourselves—is the issue at hand. We…

Patience – Day 2

November 07, 2017
Daily Meditations

“I like to get at the end of the line and push,” a friend said. Application: There are times when we take inconveniences, setbacks, and delays in stride. Patience…

When a Pet Needs to Leave

November 07, 2017

The master list of losses counts 400 potential losses that can push us into grief. I don’t have room for stories about all of them. But the site lacked…

Patience – Day 1

November 06, 2017
Daily Meditations

“I’m really having a hard time with patience lately,” my friend said. “It started with my air conditioner breaking during the hottest week of the year. I called the…