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Hazelden Publishing has graciously agreed to let us post the book THE GRIEF CLUB: THE SECRET TO GETTING THROUGH ALL KINDS OF CHANGE (Center City, 2006) in its entirety on this site. However, part of the agreement is that this site will post only one chapter at any given time (not including the introduction), previously published chapters cannot be archived, and no down-loading of the book from the free posted edition. We will publish all chapters, one at a time, in the Members Only Section on a continually rotating basis. But the Introduction and the Master List of Losses will stay up in the Public Section to give you an idea subjects that will be discussed inside.

The Loss List contains over 400 different ways that Life can throw us a curve ball and rites of passage most people experience. It will help you see any losses you may have experienced but denied. The underlying premise to this book isn’t that we need to spend our lives in mourning. It’s that unresolved grief and loss are the biggest barriers to joy and peace.

This site offers support in getting through the sometimes ugly and overwhelming feelings that accompany loss so that you can move forward with Life, surrendered to what is. The book is available at most libraries and all bookstores. It can also be purchased at the Gift Shop inside and at the bookstores in the bookstore wing at A big “Thank You” to Hazelden for staying true to their mission by allowing visitors to access this book at no cost.

A new chapter will be posted monthly in The Forum.


The Grief Club The Secret to Getting Through All Kinds of Change

by Melody Beattie

Introduction: Welcome to the Club
Chapter 1: Initiating Change: When a Child or Someone We Deeply Love Dies
Chapter 2: Remembering Changes: Facing Alzheimer’s Disease
Chapter 3: Touch That Changes: When We Don’t Feel Blessed
Chapter 4: Changing Bad into Betterment: When We Lose Our Health
Chapter 5: Breaking into Change: Losing Someone to Suicide
Chapter 6: Wrestling with Change: Losing Marriage, Career, and Home
Chapter 7: Destined to Change: When Dreams Die
Chapter 8: Betting on Change: When Childhood Grief Makes an Encore
Chapter 9: Spare Change: Making the Most of What We Have
Chapter 10: Dying to Change: Facing Death
Chapter 11: Cool Change: When Doctors Aren’t Enough
Chapter 12: Facing Change: Losing a Parent to Alcoholism
Chapter 13: Restraining Change: When Grief Makes Us Vulnerable
Chapter 14: Time Changes: The Empty Nest and Other Rites of Passage
Chapter 15: Cheap Change: When It Really Could Have Been Worse
Chapter 16: Changed by Love: Making Peace with Adoption
Chapter 17: Ex-Changes: Making Peace with the Past
Appendix: Master Loss Checklist
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