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Forgiveness – Day 7

February 03, 2019
Daily Meditations

Want to be a true environmentalist? Go ahead. Improve your own health or someone else’s. Say sorry when you’ve hurt someone. And forgive them when they say it to…

Forgiveness – Day 6

February 02, 2019
Daily Meditations

If we can’t forgive someone else or ourselves, compassion is the next best thing. Gratitude Focus: Don’t just say, “There but for the grace of God go I.” We…

Forgiveness – Day 2

January 29, 2019
Daily Meditations

We will sabotage ourselves if we don’t believe we deserve success. Maybe we could try a different approach? Stop torturing ourselves for the things we have done wrong, then…

Forgiveness – Day 1

January 28, 2019
Daily Meditations

Did you ever do something stupid that hurt someone’s feelings? Did you ever treat someone wrong and there was no justification for how you behaved? I have. It’s an…


January 27, 2019
Daily Meditations

Just as when we were children and grew out of favorite toys and clothes, we sometimes grow out of things as adults—people, jobs, homes. This can be confusing. We…