Manifest your reality

June 16, 2018

In the skydiving world, at drop zones, there’s usually a small office where the sky diver goes. This office or place is called manifest. The potential sky diver must submit the ticket and be assigned to a particular flight. Sometimes things happen. The winds might pick up, canceling that particular flight. The sky might cloud over. Something could happen that would change that sky diver’s mind about getting on the plane. But for all purposes, once you’ve been to manifest, you’re going to be at the door of the airplane looking down 12,500 feet with a group of sky divers yelling at you to jump.

It you don’t want to be at that door, trying to let go and wondering how you got yourself there, don’t make the trip to manifest.

It’s easy to see how events get manifested in the skydiving world. Sometimes it’s more difficult to see the manifest office in our daily lives.

“How did I get here,” we say, looking around at the city we live in, the person we married, or the job we have. Of course, destiny and our Higher Power play a large part in where we are.

But so do we.

Choices we make lead us along. The big decisions we make help shape our destiny. Our thoughts, intentions, and imagination have more to do with shaping our present moment than we could ever imagine.

The problem is that usually there’s a gap between our intentions or behavior and seeing them manifest in reality. By the time an event takes place, we’ve forgotten that B happened because we did A. It’s difficult to see the progressive effect of the many choices we make in a day.

I’m not saying that we create everything that happens to us. We don’t have that much power. But God alone didn’t send a lot of the stuff that comes our way. We created much of it ourselves.

Be aware of the words you use, especially those combined with powerful emotion or will. If we’re going to manifest something in reality, let’s make it good.

God, show me the creative powers I possess, especially my power to manifest events in my life. Teach me to use these powers to create harmony and beauty in the world.

From the book: More Language of Letting Go

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