• Thank you. I want to be strong enough to accept my part. It seems she blames me for all here pain and failures. I want a relationship with her. I am willing to love myself and her as we try to grow. She said if I contacted her , she would get a restraining order against me. I am waiting for her to make a contact with me. May not happen. Well I…[Read more]

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    My retirement was my husband. After helping him get through school, we had two children and were happy for along time. Son grew up , got his girl pregnant and the trouble started. They were 16 & 17 yrs. old. Did not take care of baby. She was autistic and mentally retarded. Had another almost immediately and didn’t take care of him. Wife turned…[Read more]

  • My 45 year old daughter is a counselor and thinks she knows everything. She is miserable and blames me for her unhappy life. She has been on her own for 20 years. I have been in recovery for codependency for a long time. Have to detach and let go. I wished her well and said I was sorry she felt that way. Any suggestions , other than staying…[Read more]

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