To participate, please ask questions, make comments, take part in the forums, tell your story (over and over if you need to – obsession is a necessary stage of grief and is allowed here). 

Begin by finding a forum topic or recent discussion below to read and participate as much or as little as you wish. Feel free to ask a new question by creating a new topic within a forum conversation and also feel free to respond to others’ questions as well.

We invite friends of people in grief to take part in everything we offer. 

Over time, you’ll learn new techniques, including how to gain control over overwhelming pain. You have the power to take a break from emotions when the grief becomes too much. We respect each person’s process here. We won’t tell you how to grieve or that you’re doing it wrong or not quickly enough.

This is a place where people in pain can honestly and openly be who they are. You’ll meet people experiencing loss like yours, and who don’t have to tell you they understand because you know they do.

We’re happy to tackle controversial subjects too, such as taking pain medication for quality of life and ability to function if you’re living with intractable pain. If it concerns grief, you’ll find something about it here. If you don’t find it, ask and the information will soon appear.

Please review this site’s Code of Conduct before participating in the forum discussions.

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