Show that you mean what you say

November 02, 2018

Kevin was unhappy. He had stopped doing what he wanted to do in his life and found himself in a dull, boring routine at work. His job had turned on him. In the past, he and others had considered him brilliant, an asset. Opportunities, one after another, had just been handed to him. Now, no new opportunities were coming his way.

He wondered, “What happened? What went wrong? Why aren’t things coming my way?”

“Maybe you need to do something. Maybe you need to help create the opportunity you want,” his friend suggested.

Kevin’s first response was, “I can’t do that. I’ve never been a leader before. I’ve never had to take the initiative. I just sat back and good things came my way.”

“Maybe times are different now. Maybe you need to take some action on your behalf first,” his friend replied.

Kevin decided his friend was right. He began taking some steps to create the job he wanted with another company. The pay wasn’t great, but at least he’d be doing more of the work he wanted to do. He began taking more of a leadership role in his life.

It took a lot of work and effort on his part. He had to travel a lot. He had to make things happen. And he had to use some of his money to make what he wanted to happen occur. He wasn’t exactly where he wanted to be, but he was closer than he was before.

About three months after Kevin decided to take the initiative, he came home from work one night. There was a message on his machine. Some people that owned a business had an opening. They had heard about Kevin and wondered if he would be interested in interviewing with them, maybe becoming part of their organization? The position was a leadership role, doing exactly what Kevin had hoped he could do. The pay and benefits were great. It took him only took a moment to realize that this was that golden opportunity.

Sometimes it’s not just enough to say I can. You need to show yourself and the universe that you mean what you say. If good things aren’t coming your way, maybe you need to walk toward them. Once you take those first steps, the universe can guide you along the path.

Whether it’s writing that book, meeting a friend, moving, getting a sponsor, making a career switch, or acquiring a new skill, it may be time for you to show the universe that you mean what you say. Take those first steps, awkward and clumsy as they may be. Work with the raw materials of your life that you have on hand today—even if those materials aren’t ideal. Do your best. Make an actual step toward fulfilling your dream. Then let the universe and your Higher Power help guide you, once you’ve taken those first steps. Just because something isn’t being handed to you out of the blue doesn’t mean it can’t be yours.

Is there a dream, a vision, or a goal that you’ve been waiting to magically manifest in your life? Could it be that you need to take some first steps toward it, instead of waiting for it to come to you? Your first efforts may be just that, first efforts. But from those first steps, you’ll be guided into what you want to do.

Sometimes letting go means more than sitting back and passively waiting. Sometimes taking the initiative is an important part of the work you need to do. Showing the universe and yourself that you mean business is part of how you learn to manifest your power.

God, show me the steps I can take today, and help me start walking so you can guide me along my path.

Activity: Take out your goal list today. Is there a dream, a vision, or a goal that you’ve been waiting to magically manifest in your life? Could it be that you need to take some first steps? Today, take the initiative. Start to use the power of I can in your life.

From the book: More Language of Letting Go

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