Take another look

August 01, 2018

It’s amazing the difference
A bit of sky can make.
— Shel Silverstein 

We spend mornings at the Blue Sky Lodge drinking coffee on the back porch watching the world wake up. One morning, after grabbing my cup, I walked out back to find Frank, a skydiving friend staying at the Lodge while visiting from the United Kingdom, busily snapping pictures of the surrounding terrain.

“Frank, why are you taking pictures of this?” I asked. “If you want, we can take you to some of the more scenic areas around here.”

“No way,” he replied. “No one back home will believe that I got to spend my time in a place with a view like this!”

I looked around and tried to see the view through his eyes. The rolling hills of southern California were bathed in golden early morning sunlight, while a light marine layer curled over the ridgeline of the Ortega Mountains just three miles to the west. San Jacinto rose high in the eastern sky, a pale silhouette in the morning sun.

I smiled and for the first time in a while took in the sheer beauty of the view. Lately all I had been seeing were the piles of leaves and construction materials scattered around the yard or the cars driving along the road in the valley below us. I had been surrounded with beauty and yet had grown so accustomed to it that I didn’t even notice it anymore.

Many times what we need isn’t a change of scenery, but a renewed vision of what’s already there. Take another look at your life—where you live, your friends, your work—all your gifts. Maybe the view in your life is better than you think.

God, renew my spirit. Help me look at my life with a fresh vision. If I don’t like what I see, help me look again.

From the book: More Language of Letting Go

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