Welcome To The Club

You belong to an elite group, although you joined it involuntarily. 

From declaring bankruptcy to losing a child, whether the world ranks your loss big, medium, or small, and even if the loss  happened to someone  you care about but  don’t know how to help — this site is for you. We have resurrected this site with a new look and platform, one that is easier to navigate.  During the process, I freshened content, added new  information and created a blog area for articles and daily inspiration.

This site’s goal is to heal, not produce income and we welcome anyone willing to abide by our code of conduct to participate in the forum discussions below.

Whether you’re going through a rite of passage such as empty nest syndrome, ending a relationship, or feel horrified by the effects of aging, you’re in the right place.

You can stay on the outside, using only public content.  If you want access to the Members Only section, put away your wallet.  You already paid a steep enough price. Registration is easy and non-threatening. There are no dues, fees, hidden costs, or agendas. All that’s required for membership  is your commitment to not physically harm yourself or anyone else, and your agreement to hold this site  harmless for your actions.

The blog area of this site includes articles to give you something to hold when you feel like you’re free-falling in a black hole.

You’ll find current resources for problem-solving whether you need money, counseling,  shelter, or for almost any need. Our easy-to-read Privacy Policies, Disclaimers, and Code of Conduct discuss the rules for you, me, and this site to abide by.

I posted the  introduction to the book  The Grief Club:  the Secret to Getting through All Kinds of Change and the Master List of Losses checklist from it on the public side, with Hazelden’s permission. I’ll post the other chapters each month.

The publisher allows posting of only one chapter at a time of the book, and prohibits any downloading,  except for the checklist.  They also prohibit reading archived chapters. By agreeing to these conditions, you can read The Grief Club for free.

While there’s much for the public, there’s more for   members.  We don’t allow solicitors or harassment. We’ll keep this site  safe.   People who come here have been through enough. They’re vulnerable.  They need protection — not people trying to profit from their loss.

Please ask questions, make comments,  take part in forums,  tell your story (over and over if you need to – obsession is a necessary stage of grief and  allowed  here).   We invite friends of people in grief to take part in everything we offer. 

Read the articles for grieving people and articles with information that specifically applies to you, such as what not to say and how to be a supportive friend.

Over time, you’ll  learn new techniques, including how to gain control over overwhelming pain. You have the power to take a break from emotions when the grief becomes too much. 

We  respect each person’s process here.  We won’t tell you how to grieve or that you’re doing it wrong or not quickly enough.  This is a place where people in pain can honestly and openly be who they are.    You’ll meet people experiencing loss like yours, and who don’t have to tell you they understand because you know they do.

Whether you’re going through a rite of passage such as empty nest syndrome, ending a relationship, or feel horrified by the effects of aging, you’re in the right place.  We’re happy to tackle controversial subjects too, such as taking pain medication for quality of life and ability to function if you’re living with intractable pain.  We’ll bring you the most well-informed and caring experts in each field as guest authors, speakers, resources, and links. 

If it concerns grief, you’ll find something about it  here.  If you don’t find it, ask  and the information will soon appear.

For too long, grieving people have been the ignored  majority.  Society  likes to pretend people in pain don’t exist  or even worse, accuses them of feeling sorry for themselves or blames them for bringing their loss upon themselves .   That won’t happen here.  It’s time for people not living in the happily ever after to have a say and a place to say it.  

Check us out.  This might be the  place that helps heal your heart.

We make no guarantees other than no solicitations. We don’t do professional or pop therapy.  But you’ll  find the oldest healing elixir in the world here — Unconditional Love.  Come in, try it on. See if it fits.  Whether you’re new to the grief process or you’ve walked down that road for a while, the most important thing missing from this site is you.

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