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Feeling Trapped?

April 25, 2017

  “Remember the old Chinese handcuffs thing,” a friend reminds me when I get stuck doing the same thing over and over, even though whatever I’m doing doesn’t work.…

Resisting Negativity

April 18, 2017

Some people are carriers of negativity. They are storehouses of pent-up anger and volatile emotions. Some remain trapped in the victim role and act in ways that further their…

Be as clear as possible

April 17, 2017

Marcia doesn’t like to hurt other people’s feelings. So when she doesn’t want to date or see someone anymore, she doesn’t tell them that. She lies. But she calls…

Put your intentions out there

April 15, 2017

Be clear on what you want. If you’re starting a business, taking a new job, learning a new skill, or beginning a relationship, state clearly to yourself what you’re…

Opening Ourselves to Love

April 12, 2017

Allowing ourselves to receive love is one of the greatest challenges we face in recovery. Many of us have blocked ourselves from receiving love. We may have lived with…

It’s An Opportunity

April 11, 2017

“In order to develop a strong sense of the preciousness of human life, it must connect to one’s belief system. The belief system doesn’t need to be the Buddhist…

Solve the right problems

April 11, 2017

Are you solving the problems you want to solve, or the problems you think that you are supposed to solve?— Thom Rutledge Peter spent his days solving problems. He…

The Dark Side – Day 7

April 02, 2017

“I hate being this vulnerable,” I said to a friend after sharing some of what I thought were particularly unacceptable emotions and feelings with him. I had just spent…

The Dark Side – Day 5

March 31, 2017

Honesty is the best policy. Action: You are not your behaviors. You are not your emotions. Your behaviors are what you do; your emotions are what you feel. Each…