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Blessings – Day 3

August 16, 2017

It can be tough to stop resenting someone. It takes a deliberate decision—an oomph—to turn our thinking around. For starters, it can be helpful to remember that those around…

Herpes is Forever

August 15, 2017

By S. Levin I hate Herpes. The name reminds me of something dirty and grimy. Herpes reminds me of crabs, spiders, and locusts. I don’t like anything about it.…

Manifest your life

August 13, 2017

Today, try this activity: Go down to the local hardware store and buy a patio stone. Get one of the nice flat round ones, one that will fit into…

Living With an Ill Spouse

August 01, 2017

By Linda Howard What would it feel like if after 40 years of living with your husband, you woke up and realized the person laying next to you in…

Owning Our Power

July 29, 2017

We don’t have to give others so much power and ourselves so little. We don’t have to give others so much credit and ourselves so little. In recovery from…

What If?

July 25, 2017

I was talking to a friend one day about something I planned to do. Actually, I was worrying about how one particular person might react to what I intended…

Love-ability – Day 5

July 21, 2017

Could you soften up just a little bit and let someone love you? Can you at least start by believing someone cares? Action: The next time someone offers to…

Love-ability – Day 4

July 20, 2017

“I met with an old boyfriend two years after I broke up with him. I was astounded by how much he loved me. I had broken up with him…